history of orly's liempo and lechon manok


“History of food has never had a better biographer. Required reading for everyone who eats.” – Dan Barber.

History of Orly’s Liempo and Lechon Manok

It all started as a vision, holding into it and trusting the process. Mr. Aldwin “Chow” Giray, the owner of Orly’s Liempo and Lechon Manok. He was once a dreamer but became an achiever.

Mr. Giray was once a dealer of dressed chicken in the Eastern and Western Part of Samar. But because of unexpected events, he risked everything for a dream that no one can foresee but him.  This persuaded him to aim high and hit the mark. He then stopped his business in distribution of dressed chicken.

What gives him the motivation to put up this kind of business?

Focusing on his passion for cooking. Inspired by his father Mr. Orlando Giray, he came up with a recipe that everyone will love. Making Lechon Manok and Pork Liempo and other “Lutong Bahay” menus that captures the heart of our fellow Catbaloganons.

In the City, we have this so-called “The culinary traditions of the Catbaloganons”. Locals keep coming back for the delicious foods. The food that Catbaloganons eat daily comes from a range of seafood caught by fisher folks from Maqueda Bay and farm products from our local farmers. Our everyday dishes made simple but delicious.

Who inspires him?

The inspiration inclined in his heart by his father, siblings and his passion for cooking help him to become more motivated. He decided to expand the business with his vision of providing an unforgettable taste to the fellow Catbaloganons as well as to the visitors of the City.

It started with one stall only. A standard size for a “lechonan”. Due to the market’s demand, he put up branches in Tacloban City. This “lechonan” is making the remarkable taste of Lechon Manok and Pork Liempo.

When market demand strikes, he put up branches in Tacloban City. Providing delicious and good food for all. But he was then forced to stop its operation. He focuses on more important responsibility – “providing various and well-prepared dishes” to the consumers.

He then decided to share his love of food thru serving Filipino dishes with a dine-in concept. Orly’s is famous for its Chicken Inasal with unli rice and many more dishes to choose from.

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