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Orly’s Juicy Lechon Manok

Filipino are festive and loves to eat. When Filipinos talk about celebration, food is always involve. There is always chicken in our table in every occasion that we celebrate.

Since we love chicken and roasting is one way of cooking that the most Filipino love to do because it requires less effort. Lechon Manok is very popular among Filipino because of its smoky, sweet and juicy taste.

There are two important steps in making Orly’s Juicy Lechon Manok. First is the marinating, second is the roasting. Slowly roasted in the traditional way using charcoal that gives the chicken its aroma.

Orly’s Lechon Manok is very popular especially to those busy people who wants to grab food that would quench their cravings and specially those that don’t have enough time to cook. There are lots of stores that sells Lechon Manok.

But what makes Orly’s Juicy Lechon Manok special and worth the price?

Its the chicken, that is carefully selected making sure it is fresh. Marinating it with special dressing. Slowly roasting it using charcoal until the chicken skin releases its own sweetness.

Orly’s Juicy Lechon Manok is served with our original and special dipping sauce that matches with our Orly’s lechon manok that make it more tasteful and mouth-watering.

People would always come back for more because of satisfaction they would feel when they try Orly’s Juicy Lechon manok. To try our Orly’s Juicy Lechon Manok, you can visit our physical store at Rizal Ave., Cor. Callejon St., Catbalogan City, Samar. Come, try and taste the delicious and most superb Orly’s Lechon Manok.


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