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Orly’s Pork Sisig

Orly’s Pork Sisig


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Orly’s Pork Sisig

Pork Sisig is a popular Filipino dish originated from Pampanga. It is made from chopped pigs face with snout and ears, chicken liver, pigs’ brain and onion. A squeeze of Kalamnsi (Philippine Lemon) for a more citrus taste. It is sautéd mixing all the ingredients together. And adding all the appropriate spices to make it taste and look better.

Today there are varieties of Sisig recipes that you can choose. It differs from pigs’ face which is the most popular to a more healthy preparation. Squid Sisig, Tuna Sisig, Bangus Sisig and Tahong Sisig are some examples. But the original recipe which is the Pork Sisig is the most famous one. All of these dishes are becoming more and more innovative when time passes by. Creating a one of a kind dish that the Filipinos will be proud of.

Orly’s Liempo and Lechon Manok offer Pork Sisig following its original recipe. Its flavor will always be remarkable compared to other Pork Sisig recipes. One of the most delicious dish that you need to try in Orly’s Liempo and Lechon Manok. And aside from that, it has a delectable taste that you’ll never find in any other Pork Sisig recipe. A true Orly’s and Lechon Manok mark.

Orly’s Pork Sisig is also one of the bestselling products in the establishment. It is very famous to drinkers who usually visit the area. They usually make it as their “pulutan” or beer food. It has a perfect blend of tanginess and a little kick of spiciness. Orly’s Pork Sisig is a delicious flavor that you’ll surely love.

Orly’s Pork Sisig can also be a main dish that is paired with rice. One of the best comfort food that Orly’s Liempo and Lechon Manok has to offer. You’ll definitely won’t stop eating when you try one. Orly’s Pork Sisig is one of a kind dish that is very suitable for all kinds season. With Orly’s Pork Sisig you’ll surely have a taste of Pampanga orinal sisig with a Catbalogan twist. And that’s Orly’s Liempo and Lechon Manok  can surely provide.

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